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Make Your Complex Tasks Simple!

Microsoft Word and WordPerfect Templates, Macros, and Other Performance Support Tools Can Give You a Measurable Return On Your Investment!

Microsoft Word and Corel WordPerfect templates and macros and other Electronic Performance Support Tools make your complex tasks simple.

But simplicity isn't an end in itself...

Reimbursement Technologies, Inc. (RTI) experienced productivity gains from templates and macros typical of the results our clients achieve.

RTI Reduced the Time to Prepare a Critical Report from a Full-Time Job to Only Four Days Per Month

RTI called on Leewood Associates to automate the cumbersome, time-consuming assembly of Monthly Management Reports for its clients. Formerly, an employee spent full time importing, formatting, and graphing 500 fields of information from an ASCII file downloaded from a Unix system.

In addition to MS Word and WordPerfect templates and macros, Leewood also specializes in WordPerfect templates and macros. And for RTI, Leewood completed the automation and streamlined the system with WordPerfect templates, macros, and other performance support tools.

Now RTI is able to integrate new clients seamlessly into the system.

Instead of a burdensome full-time job, the Monthly Management Reports take only four days -- one clerical temporary spends three days each month and an employee requires only one day to verify and customize the information.

The templates and macros enabled RTI to gain more accurate reports and liberated the employee for more productive tasks.

You can expect consistent, time-saving results like these when you call on Leewood Associates for these services:

  • Macro, wizard, and MS Word and Corel WordPerfect template development
  • Documentation and other Performance Support Tools
  • Large document conversions
  • Advanced macro and Word and WordPerfect template training

That's all we do, and we've been doing it for 20 years!

You get an optimum system tailored for your unique situation and custom-made to satisfy your users.

Our clients tell us their "productivity goes through the roof!"

That's the reason our clients including pharmaceutical, legal, and insurance firms and government agencies come back again and again.

In our "Recent Projects" list you can see the results our clients achieve with macros, Word templates and WordPerfect templates and other performance-enhancing tools. Discover how firms like yours are gaining happy users, consistent reports, and monumental productivity improvements.

Contact Leewood Associates for a free analysis of your special situation. Find out from the experts how much productivity-improving tools like MS Word and WordPerfect templates and macros can help your company to save time, boost efficiency and accuracy, and lift user satisfaction.

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Leewood Associates
775 Birdell Road, Honey Brook, PA 19344
phone: 610-273-2113 fax: 610-621-5214

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"You must simplify. You must make the complex things simple. Then you must make it work."
     - I. M. Pei, Master Architect

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