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About Leewood Associates

You Get the Best System from Leewood Associates to Suit Your
Needs . . .

From the experts in custom Microsoft Word and Corel WordPerfect Macros, Templates, Wizards and other Electronic Performance Support Tools

That's all we do, and our 20 years of experience result in lower overall costs and shorter time to performance for you. Instead of three months or three days, you can count on day-one performance.

Dan Benau, Senior Clinical Information Liaison II for a major pharmaceutical company, said:

"We have used Leewood Associates as our main outside template/macro developer for many years.

"This started when we switched from WordPerfect 5.2 to WordPerfect 6.1, our first experience with word-processing templates, and continued through switches from WordPerfect to Microsoft Word 6.0, Word 6.0 to Word 7.0 to Word 97, and Word 97 to Word 2007.

"In addition to macro writing, Leewood Associates has conducted on-site training in macro development and maintenance for our department.

"I would rate my overall experience with Leewood Associates as excellent. They are helpful in developing specifications at project inception, fast and accurate in executing project designs, and excellent at producing documentation and training.
"Our long-term and continued relationship with Leewood Associates is testimony to our high opinion of their work."

And because we're specialists in Microsoft Word and Corel WordPerfect macros, WordPerfect macros and templates, and other document automation tools you can expect:

  • lower training costs
  • the most exacting enforcement of document standards
  • rigorous consistency among documents
  • superior accuracy
  • greater user satisfaction overall

Users get their work done faster, easier, and with less frustration.

Leewood Associates Focuses on Improving Performance and Productivity for the Individual and the Organization

We are a small international consulting firm. Since 1988, when the company was founded by Linda Duguay, we have concentrated on developing MS Word and WordPerfect macros, templates, and other easy-to-use document automation tools.

Many of our clients are Fortune 500 companies, although we can meet the needs and budgets of smaller firms. The businesses we work with range broadly, including pharmaceutical, insurance, and legal firms as well as government agencies. Our Recent Projects List shows the results we help our clients achieve.

Leewood Associates' Unique Perspective

Our uncommon ability to understand computers from a user's perspective sets us apart.

We have all the essential technical skills. And to the technical know-how we add an extra ingredient: first-hand experience of the needs, habits, and frustrations of the people who perform complicated, repetitive tasks.

In her job as a credit officer at a major bank, Linda Duguay became one of the first users there of spreadsheet software. For over 20 years she has been in the computer field, initially as a trainer and then as a specialist in Performance Support Tools.

Also, Linda holds an MBA from McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Her business training enables her to quickly grasp her clients' business issues.

Linda helped to co-author WordPerfect For Windows 6 Super Book by Sams Publishing and she is listed in Who's Who of Entrepreneurial Women. In her spare time, she is an active member and former President of TEMPO, a Philadelphia-based computer training group.

Linda's experience living in Brazil, France, and Canada facilitates her work with businesses internationally. Although Leewood's offices are located in Honey Brook, Pennsylvania, in the Greater Philadelphia region, the ease of technology enables Leewood to work with clients worldwide.

Call us for a no-risk free analysis to see how Microsoft Word and Corel WordPerfect macros, templates, or wizards can lower your costs, enhance user satisfaction, and boost productivity.

Contact Suzanne Lafarge
Leewood Associates
775 Birdell Road, Honey Brook, PA 19344
phone: 610-273-2113 fax: 610-621-5214

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