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Simplify Complicated Tasks with EPSS, Office Wizards, and Macro and VBA Development

Did you ever attend a learning event--whether it is internet training or stand-up training--return overwhelmed, and remember only half of what you were taught?

You can breeze through some of the easier tasks, but the more complicated ones pose a problem.

What can you do? Where can you go for help?

With Performance Support Tools such as Office wizards, macros, or templates, you can have at your fingertips answers to your puzzling questions and solutions to frustrating situations.

You can, for example, access a custom Office wizard or template and consult on-line help to answer your questions.

Also, you can turn on cue cards to help you step through a task or view a Show-me movie to review a task.

For most learners, training is an on-going process because the human capacity to absorb information is limited at any one time. Did you ever wake up with a bright idea in the middle of the night? Your brain continued to work and process information while you slept.

In addition to macros, templates, and Office wizards, other Performance Support Tools are available from Leewood Associates to assist you as you learn:

Online Help - Custom help files for an organization's particular tasks and standards can be built using the Windows Help system. You can turn this Help system on and off at any time at your desktop.

Job Aids - These are custom reference cards to assist you to work through the more complicated tasks on a step-by-step basis.

Printed Documentation - The only constant is change and change can be trying and exacting. If learners are resistant to some of the technological tools, plain old-fashioned printed documentation may be just the key!

Cue Cards - Cue cards are little note cards appearing whenever a dialog box is activated. They provide information about the dialog box, the information needed, and whether or not particular fields are required. The individual user can turn cue cards on and off.

Show-me Movies - Show-me movies are on-screen demonstrations of a particular task. You can activate them at any time at your desktop.

Leewood Associates' project team includes project managers with over 20 years of experience implementing EPSS projects. Our clients get both User-centered Design, associated with making software easier to use, and Performance-centered Design, associated with supporting the performance of work.

Please look at the EPSS page to discover more about how friendly and easy-to-use visual tools can help you.

Ask for a no-obligation Free Analysis to learn more about how EPSS, including Office wizards, macros, cue cards and other tools, can reduce user stress, enhance user performance, and lift satisfaction levels.

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Leewood Associates
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