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How Microsoft Word and Corel WordPerfect Macros, Templates and Other Performance-Enhancing Tools Boost Our Clients' Productivity

Businesses like yours are experiencing results with MS Word and WordPerfect templates and macros, such as:

  • Lower training costs
  • Shorter time to performance
  • Improved efficiency
  • Greater consistency among documents
  • Increased accuracy
  • Happier users

Our clients range from pharmaceutical and manufacturing companies, to insurance, telecommunications, consulting, and law firms, to government agencies and non-profit service providers.

Bernard Grabowski, Senior Business Analyst,
AIGM, said:

"We wanted to be able to roll-up each day's production to weekly and monthly spread sheets by Supervisor.

"Leewood Associates looked at the problem, analyzed what could be done, gave us an estimate of time and cost, and met their estimate. We were very pleased with the final product."

Decreased Scheduling Time by 80 Percent -- From 40 Hours to 8 Hours a Week
Alanx Wear Solutions, DE

Manufacturing Company

Development of an Access database to schedule the use of furnaces. The new system decreased the time spent scheduling parts from 40 hours (one full-time person) to 8 hours a week. The resulting reports provide statistical information that also increased productivity and efficiency.

Created Better and Faster Sales Proposals and Boosted The Productivity of Sales People

Telecommunications Company

Automation of the sales proposal process for the voice-mail and fax-back services division. Leewood Associates designed the process to significantly increase the productivity of sales people and improve the quality of the proposals while decreasing the amount of time spent creating proposals.

Improved Efficiency by Simplifying Report Generation with Word Templates
Aventis Pharmaceutical Products (formerly Rhone-Polenc Rorer), PA

Pharmaceutical Company

Development of templates to create reports presented to the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) by this pharmaceutical company. Used by both novices and experts, these highly automated templates include the download of attributes from Documentum, a file management system, with coordinating templates available in the CoreDossier publishing system. Job aids and online Help were also included.

Boosted Productivity with Macros and a Personal Information Manager
Elzufon, Austin & Drexler, DE

Legal Profession

Development of WordPerfect macros and a Personal Information Manager to automate major documents improved the productivity of both attorneys and the administrative staff.

Automated 300 Customer Service Letters to Raise User Satisfaction
First USA Bank

Financial Services

When First USA Bank converted to a new software platform, it called on Leewood Associates to automate over 300 customer service letters using DDE.

Designed a Simple System for Customized Training Manuals to Enhance Customer Service
McKesson, GA

Healthcare Information Technology Company

Development and design of a system to create documentation and training manuals complete with Table of Contents and indexes, with user-defined modules. These macros have enabled McKesson HBOC to sell their clients an easy, flexible service to create customized training manuals.

Saved Time by Automating a Tedious Process for Applications and Certificates

Insurance Services

Development of a series of WordPerfect macros and templates to automate the trying process of issuing insurance applications and certificates for this reinsurer.

The macros and templates significantly increased the productivity and personal job satisfaction of the staff while decreasing the time spent on this process. Online Help is an integral part of this package.

Reduced Time to Complete a Process from 45 Minutes to 20 Minutes with WordPerfect Macros
Pew Charitable Trusts, PA

Non-profit Foundation

Design of WordPerfect macros to automate the process of creating legal Grant Agreements and Grant Modifications letters, including budget information. The process that previously took 45 minutes per agreement now takes only 20 minutes.

Enabled the Agency to Prepare Meeting Agendas Quickly
PRC, Inc., Environmental Protection Agency, VA

Government Agency

Automation of the process of creating agendas for meetings of middle and upper managers - users with little knowledge of WordPerfect. Macros allowed the fast addition of agency items to a basic meeting agenda. Meeting agendas are a critical and necessary part of the Total Quality Management (TQM) process.

Named the "Quality-based Meeting and Agenda Planner" (QbMAP), this product is intended to be distributed to other clients of PRC in conjunction with LPAS below.

Gained Standardization and Ease of Use with Advanced WordPerfect Macros
PRC, Inc., Air Force Quality Center, AL

Government Agency

Development of an automated system that creates standard teaching guides for a Total Quality Management course taught throughout the US. The system is known as the Lesson Plan Authoring System (LPAS). The Air Force Quality Center gained standardization and ease of use as well as increased efficiency and productivity through templates and a series of WordPerfect advanced macros.

The macros automate many advanced features of WordPerfect, including Master Documents, integration of graphic files, styles, and automatic outlining.

Created Macros that Eased the Pain of Converting to New Software
PRC, Inc., Army Material Command, Department of Defense, VA

Government Agency

Development of advanced macros/merges for the 15 most-in-demand documents. The key was to create macros that were extremely easy to use by both management and clerical staff who were new to WordPerfect and resisted the change.

The macros eased the pain involved with the conversion to WordPerfect and also met the government's very rigid specifications.

Reduced a Full-Time Job to Only Four Days Per Month and Produced More Accurate Reports
Reimbursement Technologies, Inc., PA

Medical Billing

Automation of the cumbersome, time-consuming assembly of Monthly Management reports for RTI's clients. This process includes importing 500 fields of information from an ASCII file downloaded from a Unix system.

Previously, it took a full time person to prepare the reports. With WordPerfect templates and macros the Monthly Management Reports take only four days -- one clerical temporary spends three days each month and an employee requires only one day to verify and customize the information. The full-time employee now pursues more productive tasks.

Streamlined the FDA Submissions Process to Increase Efficiency and Performance
Sanofi-Synthelabo, Inc., Malvern, PA

Pharmaceutical Company

Automation of routine submissions to the FDA. The pharmaceutical company uses a database to store all information pertinent to each protocol. Its goals were to make the process easier for users and to simplify maintenance. By relying on Electronic Performance Support Systems, Sanofi-Synthelabo benefits from the efficiencies of a streamlined process. One result is much faster training of new users.

Facilitated A Nearly Effortless Switch To New Forms and New Stationery With Templates
Towers Perrin, London, UK

Human Resources Consulting Firm

Generation of new forms and modification of existing stationery forms in WordPerfect for the European division of Towers Perrin.

Converted Macros to WordPerfect in Record Time
Towers Perrin, PA and Towers Perrin, Toronto, Canada

Human Resources Consulting Firm

Management of a team of people to convert macros to WordPerfect for Windows in record time. This conversion updated the macros to the new template design and provided many new features including a Personal Information Manager. The team created two additional sets of macros: one for English-speaking Canada and another for French-speaking Canada.

Efficiently Switched to a New Corporate Identity with Macros
Towers Perrin, PA and Towers Perrin, Montreal, Canada

Human Resources Consulting Firm

Automation of the most widely-used stationery macros for the firm in North America as the company changed the design of its corporate identity. The macros make extensive use of styles and specific font changes. The macros were revised based on comments and enhancements during the testing process from users in the field.

Leewood Associates also developed a separate set of macros for French-speaking Canada.

Developed an Easy-To-Use Process to Create Text and Graphics for Slides Using Macros
Telesis, RI

Human Resources Consulting Firm

Automation and standardization of a presentation process to create slides/transparencies according to a detailed design specification. Through a menuing format, administrative staff can easily create new slides in a standard automated format. The macros incorporate both graphics and text.

Developed a Quick, Efficient Macro and Template Project for One Office that was Released to all Offices Nationwide
U.S. Probation Office, IN

Government Agency

Design of a system to automate the completion of the many forms produced by the U.S. Probation Office to track individuals released on probation by the U.S. Courts. Leewood Associates initially trained several employees in macro and template development, designed the overall automation plan, and then reviewed the results for speed and efficiency.

At first, Leewood Associates developed the project for one office. Subsequently, it was released to all offices nationwide.

Improved Attorney and Support Staff Productivity and Raised Office Efficiency
U.S. Attorney's Office, PA

Legal Profession

Generation of office-wide macros and templates for legal documentation and inter-office correspondence to improve individual productivity, office efficiency and document flow. Both attorneys and support staff use the macros.

Sped Up Creation of New Proposals and Modifications to Existing Ones for a Pharmaceutical Company
Wyeth-Ayerst, PA

Pharmaceutical Company

Automation of the process for the presentation of a new drug following rigid proposal guidelines set out by the FDA. The automated process, including word-processing and spreadsheet templates, enabled users to more quickly create new proposals and modify existing ones. These templates interface with both Documentum and the CoreDossier publishing system.

Leewood Associates trained the personnel responsible for changes to the FDA document templates to enable them to easily make minor changes. Custom documentation and job aids were also provided.

Can your firm reduce a full-time job to only four days per month? This is the outcome Leewood Associates helped Reimbursement Technologies, Inc., achieve.

Discover the results your firm can expect. Ask for a no-obligation Free Analysis to find out how WordPerfect Macros, WordPerfect templates, Office macros and templates, and other performance support tools can lower training costs, lead to day-one performance, and lift productivity.

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