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Macro Training and Templates Training

Through Advanced Macro Training and Template Training . . .
You and Your Staff can Design Electronic Performance Support Tools

Take advantage of macro training in Word VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) or WordPerfect's Perfect Script to improve efficiency and gain more satisfied users.

If you don't want the hassle and expense of calling in consultants time after time, Leewood Associates' advanced macro and template training may be your answer.

The training is customized for your needs and it takes place on your schedule at your site. We make it as convenient as possible for your staff to gain the critical know-how and skill.

The Three Phases of Leewood's Advanced Macro and Template Training Ensure Deep Learning

1. Two days Of Basic Training - First, our experienced instructors lead your staff through the basic commands for developing advanced macros and templates.
2. Two Additional Days Of Side-by-Side Training - Next, our instructors work closely with your staff every step of the way to:
  • Design the specific project at hand
  • Start developing the actual Electronic Performance Support Tools you need.
3. Phone Support Follow-Up - In addition, you can take advantage of a phone support contract so that your staff gets prompt answers to their ongoing questions about design. Or they may need immediate help to track down a bug in the code.

Timely support makes the development process much easier and heads off potential chaos. When there are deadlines to meet, an experienced person can give your project an invaluable boost so that it gets done on time.

When we say "experienced," we mean that our instructors have an average of six years of VBA and WordPerfect macro training behind them. Classes are limited to eight participants so that each individual can take maximum advantage of the instructor's know-how.

Pew Charitable Trusts
Reduced Document Preparation Time
By More Than Half

When Pew Charitable Trusts wanted to automate the process of creating legal grant agreements and grant modification letters, they called on Leewood for advanced training. The macros in WordPerfect that they developed allowed them to reduce a process that took 45 minutes per agreement to only 20 minutes.

Who Can Take the Advanced Macro Training and Template Training?

Some programming background, in any language, will help the individual learners -- although it is not necessary. We have found, though, that the most successful learners have an inclination towards programming and linear thinking.

You can call on Leewood Associates for training in both Microsoft Office and Corel WordPerfect Suites. Please contact us at info@leewood.com for course outlines for advanced macro training and template training.

Contact Suzanne Lafarge
Leewood Associates
775 Birdell Road, Honey Brook, PA 19344
phone: 610-273-2113 fax: 610-621-5214

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Leewood Associates: Macro Training and Template Training for Microsoft Word and Corel WordPerfect

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