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Templates, Macros and Wizards

From Leewood Associates... 20 Years of Experience with Macros, Templates and Wizards in Microsoft Word and WordPerfect

For our client McKesson
1600 Hours of their work and several hundred data files now at the beck and call of a single macro

Developing custom Microsoft Word and Corel WordPerfect macros, templates, and wizards is like putting together a big puzzle. Each piece of the puzzle is totally dependent on the other and necessary to complete the larger picture.

Whether you are converting existing macros or developing new ones, Leewood Associates takes a very practical approach to macro development, no matter the software platform: Microsoft Word or Corel WordPerfect. You get a process tested and refined through 20 years of experience in this field.

Custom Training Manuals Made Easy

Jill Kruse, Education Consultant, at McKesson HBOC describes how macros enabled her company's clients to get their custom training manuals faster, easier, and with less frustration.      

"The Customer Education Department at McKesson HBOC, Inc. spent over 1,600 hours designing and developing several hundred data files. These files list step-by-step procedures for every system function used by small and large hospitals within our customer base."

     The Problem:      

"The problem we faced was how to take so many files and make it easy for the customer to create high quality job-specific training manuals for over 60 possible positions within their facility."

     The Solution:      

"Leewood Associates solved our problem by creating a macro that only requires users to insert the title of the manual they need to create.

"The macro pulls together all data files necessary for that manual complete with Table of Contents, page numbering, chapter title pages and indices, when requested. Leewood Associates built in features that allow for ease-of-use and customer flexibility to customize and provide a professional-looking finished product.

"Leewood Associates always met their cost estimate and time deadlines.

"Their ability to handle our questions and solve problems over the phone was remarkable. Even our software upgrades were handled with ease and speed. They are a pleasure to work with and I look forward to working with them again in the future."

Collaborating With Our Clients

In collaborations (like the one with McKesson HBOC) to develop custom macros and templates we provide:

  • Pragmatic business experience,
  • Specialized technical know-how, and
  • A nine-phase process that guides the project from start to finish.

You, our clients, bring to the process knowledge of your business and its culture and information about the areas you would like to automate to raise productivity and user satisfaction.

Together, we produce a custom, accurate end-product ensuring the highest efficiency and the productivity gains you are looking for.

The process of developing MS Word macros or WordPerfect macros from idea to implementation can take anywhere from two months to one year, with the average project lasting six months.

Our staff works with you throughout the entire project to:

  • select the appropriate tool(s) for each task,
  • develop the tools,
  • involve end users early on in the development process to incorporate their suggestions as soon as possible,
  • be actively involved in both testing phases,
  • recommend technology promotion plans, and
  • assist with the rollout.

You can discover more about the eight phases of the Leewood development process. The specific steps of the process ensure that you get a project on time and on budget.

Contact us for a free analysis to see how easy-to-use templates, wizards, Word macros and WordPerfect macros can boost efficiency, improve accuracy, and generate happier users for your firm.

Contact Suzanne Fafarge
Leewood Associates
775 Birdell Road, Honey Brook, PA 19344
phone: 610-273-2113 fax: 610-621-5214

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